Fall 2020 SCHEDULE

ENGR 4333/5333

ENGR 4351/5311

ENGR 4882

ENGR 4892

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Senior Design 1

Senior Design 2



Robust Image Transmission
Development of error detection and correction methodology for corrupted JPEG and JPEG2000 images caused by transmission over a noisy wireless channel.

Image Quality Measure
Development of objective image quality measures that will resemble the human subjective image quality measure by taking into account the human visual characteristics.

Cochlear Implant
Investigating human perception of loudness and pitch of sound generated by stimulating electrically the ganglion cells of the cochlea implant users. This research is conducted by utilizing the “NIC” dynamic library provided by Cochlear Corporation to send pulses of varying amplitude, width, and rate, through selected electrodes implanted in the cochlea to stimulate the auditory nerve of an implant user. We are currently investigating the effect of current spread in bipolar and monopolar electrode configurations on speech intelligibility.



Biomedical Instrumentation and Lab, Digital Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Analogy and Digital Communications,  Signals and Systems and Lab, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics and Lab, Analog Electronics and Lab, Intro to Biomedical Engineering,  Medical Instrumentation, Electrical Circuits and Lab, Programming with C, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Window Programming (GUI with MFC), Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics,  Linear Algebra


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