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ENFL at UCO is working on the novel biomedical applications of electrospun nanofiber matrix. The lab has developed an electrospun nanofiber based intervertebral disc implant, functional coating for orthopedic and orthodontic implants, and 3-dimensional (3D) bone grafts. This is a student and faculty centered interdisciplinary research laboratory. Currently, 1 post doctoral fellow, 5 graduate students, 16 undergraduate students, and 10 faculties from engineeing, physics, bioliogy and statistics are actively participating in different projects initiated from the lab. The lab has secured total ~1 million internal and external grants to support the research projects. The lab supported more than 100 undergrduate student research and 5 graduate thesis projects last 8 years. The lab produced 5 patents, 21 peer reviewed journals, 5 book chapters, and 92 conference presentations/posters.

News and Events:

March 1 , 2017. Ait moussa A, Fischer J, Yadav R, Khandaker M "Minimizing Stress Shielding and Cement Damage in Cemented Femoral Component of a Hip Prosthesis through Computational Design Optimization." Advances in orthopedics, Vol 2017. https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/8437956 .

Feb 24, 2017.
Khandaker M, Riahinezhad S, Li  Y, Sultana F, Morris T,Vaughan M, Wolf R, Williams W. Effect of collagen- polycaprolactone extracellular matrix on the in vitro cytocompatibility and in vivo bone responses of titanium. Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, In press.

January 19, 2017.
Abstract accepted in 2017 Orthopaedic Research Society technical meeting, San Diego, CA "Application of Polycaprolactone Nanofibers And MgO Nanoparticles For A Cemented Implant Surgery."