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Dr. Robi Hossan - Microsystems Engineering Lab

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Our multidisciplinary research focuses on the development of microsystems for biomedical applications and energy solutions. To this end, we integrate chemistry, electrokinetics and optics in microfluidic devices and investigate transport and interactions of cells and biomolecules.  Potential funding sources are NIH, OK-INBRE, NSF, NSF-EPSCoR and OCAST.



Our team consists of students, researchers and collaborators from diverse background and training such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, biomedical engineering and chemistry. We have broad expertise in microfluidics, nanotechnology, cell biology and biomaterials.


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Our lab is equipped with micro/nano fabrication facilities and equipment such as Zepto plasma etcher, UV exposure and curer, thin film spin coater, hot plates and stirrer. In addition we use following shared equipment - Evex Micro Tensile Tester for Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Nikon SMZ 1000 steromicroscope, Sonic Vibra-cell ultrasonic liquid processor VCX 130, Nikon TS100F Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence, rheometer and 3D printer.

For more information on our research and group please feel free to contact:
Email: mhossan@uco.edu
221R Howell Hall
University of Central Oklahoma
Box # 87
Edmond, OK 73034
Phone:  405 974 5295
Fax:  405 974 3812