Dave Martin
Office: H221J
Voice: 405-974-5482
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Email: dmartin@uco.edu

Degrees Held


Bachelors in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Physics, Cameron College, 1973

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Oklahoma State University, 1979

Spring 2004 Courses


PHY 1214L – General Physics II and Laboratory

PHY1114L - General Physics I Laboratory

PHY2114L - Physics for Scientists and Engineers II Laboratory

PHY3183   – Electricity and Magnetism

Spring 2004 Office Hours


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – 12:00 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.

Other hours by appointment




Our problem is to study the relationship between the fluid motion and the cooling rate for a rotating partially filled cylinder.  Our experiment is to rotate the fluid filled cylinder about a vertical rotational axis and about a horizontal rotational axis.  The successful interpretation of fluid flow patterns is an important tool used to investigate and understand the physics of fluid motion and turbulence. Our research area is the physics of rotating fluids employing flow visualization techniques.  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A FLUID SPIN SIDEWAYS?  Want to see them go to spinning fluids movies and pictures.


 Spinning Fluids Movies

Spinning Fluids Pictures


Taylor Paper – 05-28-04

Electricity and Magnetism

General Physics II

Horizontally Rotating Cylinder -06-17-04



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